Why Use Power BI For Your Business

Why Use Power BI For Your Business

Data is a vital part of today’s business world, and how you manage & consume the data can define your entire operations’ performance. Business intelligence (BI) gives you the ability to gain actionable insights from your data. It gives you the agility and confidence to make smart business decisions, thus future-proofing your business’s growth. This is why it is critical to leverage business intelligence tools that can deliver insights throughout your organization.

Microsoft Power BI is one such tool that can benefit your business goals and enables smarter insights with greater efficiency by giving a full picture of your data. Here is why you should begin using Power BI for your business: 

Cost-Effective & Highly Economic

Power BI is best suited for companies with a limited budget as there is almost no or minimal upfront cost for starting with Power BI. The basic products like Power BI Desktop & Mobile are absolutely free while the two service plans are minimally priced. Both Power BI Pro & Premium are comparatively low-priced and tailored to the needs of businesses of various sizes.

Customization & Personalization Ability

Power BI gives you the ability to personalize dashboards and interfaces and create custom reports with ease. You can visualize your data in different ways using the vast collection of fully-customizable, open-source data visualizations available in their library. 

You can also pin a frequently viewed report to your desktop to avoid digging through directories to find the report every time and thus save valuable time. Moreover, the real-time personalized, detailed dashboard in Power BI makes data consumption very easy and makes it possible to make swift, confident business decisions instantly. 

Data Integration

Power BI can be readily integrated with Microsoft products and third-party platforms as well. This makes it easy for you to pull data from any source, as and when needed. 

It can be connected to all the popular Microsoft products, including Exchange, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, Cortana, and Teams. Using Custom Connectors, users can extend Power BI’s native connectivity to new data sources. This way, you can pull data into Power BI from other services such as QuickBooks, Marketo, SalesForce, ZenDesk, GitHub, Facebook, Google Analytics, and more. 

User-friendly interface

Power BI is very easy to use and provides analytical capabilities to users of all levels, including entry-level to professional analysts. The user interface is extremely intuitive and comes with functionalities such as drag & drop, automatic integration to an existing system, and natural language query. Moreover, Power BI comes with row-level security that ensures that the employees can only see the data relevant to their user roles. 

Power BI’s popularity is growing every day due to the above reasons. A growing number of businesses choose to adopt Power BI to leverage better insights, interactive dashboards, and rich reporting. Contact us today to learn more about Power BI adoption and how it can help you gain deeper insights into your business.