Our Development Process

Our unique Agile development methodology provides you with an unprecedented degree of control. We ensure that you are an integral part of the development process, and the products delivered are consistent with your expectations, budget, and business goals.

The exact process depends on your project’s size and scope, including a formal Requirements Definition phase or a less formal process that still provides you with control of the project, the budget, and the schedule.


Learning, Analyzing & Planning

At the start of each project, we work with our customers to build a solid project plan. To start the project, we define an initial Scope document obtained from the client or via communication through phone calls and in-person meetings. Once the scope is finalized, it is used to build out the complete proposal and launch the initial wireframes.

  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Collaborate to define specific goals for the project
  • Define the content, look, and functionality required to support those goals.


  • Research, understand and create Interface for optimal User Experience
  • Present mock-ups of screens, major system components, and workflow activity
  • Make Modifications & Enhancements as required.

Defining & Designing

The Design Phase is a critical part of our process, as this is where you will see your complete application come to life. In this phase, we map out workflow processes and vital components that align with the project objective and provide an effective & efficient user experience.


Development & Implementation

Once the design is finalized, we start working on developing the application and its functionalities. We use our unique Agile methodology to break down the process into feature segments called Sprints. Clients can review the development process, outcomes, and provide feedback at the end of each sprint.

  • Break down the development process into Sprints
  • Create a release plan by stipulating a time-frame for coding.
  • Provide a review and gain feedback at the end of each sprint.


  • Static & Automated Testing of each component
  • Eliminate Bugs and make final changes
  • Present the product and gather feedback

Testing & Quality Assurance

In the post-development phase, we rigorously test all the project components multiple times in varying environments and conditions. Once the testing is completed with ideal results, we move forward with deployment.


Post-Deployment Support

After launching the product, we monitor and analyze how the performance of the solution during the initial phase. Along with the project documentation, we also provide the roadmap for the next generation of the solution. We train the users and assist the clients in familiarizing them with the new solution.

  • Launch the solution after ensuring that all objectives are met
  • Train users to understand the functionality and navigation of the solution
  • Provide a roadmap for the next generation of the solution