Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Services

Facilitating quantitative analysis through predictive analytics to deliver results in weeks instead of months.

In Today’s highly competitive business world, Data is paramount.

Data Storage and Analysis form the Backbone of the Business Intelligence by enabling Benchmarking and providing perspective & predictive insights into the business. Siyana’s Business Intelligence Services keep you a step ahead in this data-driven world and facilitate modernization of your current business infrastructure and analytics system.

Our Business Intelligence solutions allow any small, medium or large enterprises to make more informed decisions based on intuitive data analysis. We assist organizations in making highgrade business decisions by providing expert-level Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting and Development Solutions

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Our Business Intelligence & DW Capabilities

Data Warehouse

We have developed a proprietary BI Architecture Framework to create extensible, and enterprise-scale systems. Our technology-agnostic approach comprises of full-solution architecture, including hardware planning, software selection and processes for ETL and reporting.


Data Strategy & Governance

Using our unique Agile approach we make data governance a business-driven process to demonstrate tangible results in short time periods, leading to buy-in and excitement across the enterprise.


Business Intelligence Consultant

Data Visualization

Our Dashboards and Visualization include meaningful criteria to define the KPIs that can help you stay abreast of your business, and take action based on executive briefing books, complex event notification and dashboards


AI & Machine Learning

We use BI in conjunction with AI and machine learning and use automation to spot trends, identify outliers, expose critical situations and enhance strategic deliberations without bias.


Business Intelligence Consultant-Siyana Info Solutions

Advanced & Predictive Analytics

Our solutions provide broad range analysis capabilities including parameter driven reports, ad-hoc pivot analytics, statistical analysis, predictive analytics and forecasting